ANNOUNCEMENT – EA Media has a new video site

Hey Folks,

Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been putting out articles or videos for the last 1.5 weeks. That is because I’ve been diligently working on updating and improving my back office infrastructure in order to provide premium video content for you to leverage. And, to that end, I now have the back office infrastructure up and running.

When you go to the EA Media website at , the website itself hasn’t really changed. You still have the great resources on all things cybersecurity. There’s the blogs and articles, there’s the security and technology news pages, there’s the access to the National Vulnerability Database, and there’s the link to the jobs that are currently being listed on cybersecurity.

But there’s a BIG change associated with the Video’s page. That menu item now redirects you to a dedicated site specifically in place for providing access to videos. Currently, the videos are separated into Premium, Editorial, and Architecture/Design. The Editorial videos are the usual videos that I have been providing that contain my opinions and guidance on various subjects. The Architecture/Design videos are those videos that have been specifically focusing on security architecture design patterns.

It’s the Premium videos that are really exciting. Those videos are in the process of being taped and edited for your consumption. They are interviews with numerous high level security personnel from various companies and organizations around North America. They range from Chief Security Architects to CISOs to VPs of Security. These conversations are with SMEs on things like enterprise security architecture, Cloud Security Design, how Service Providers deliver security and create offerings, and industry specific conversations (eg. Utility / Critical Infrastructure cybersecurity). There’s also conversations like the job market for Security personnel scheduled.

In short, these will be conversations with the leaders in the CyberSecurity world.

These premium videos will only be available through the EA Media website and the goal will be to be making one video a day available for your viewing. These videos should start to be put onto the website in around 2 weeks as they are being edited as we speak.

I hope you will visit the new video site. If you want to jump directly to the site, just go to

Hope that helps …


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