Announcing: EA Media – a Central Location for Architecture Information

A little over a year ago, I made a resolution to create a magazine / news site for Enterprise Architecture as part of my endeavour to create an “Architecture Institute”. While the Architecture Institute never took off because of a lack of interest from the Architecture community, I continued on with the creation of a media company to focus on Enterprise Architecture. That media company is called:

EA Media

The concept came out of the results of all my Blog posts. Over the last year, the viewership of my blogs has risen to roughly 1500 view per blog on average. During that time, I have tried a number of different formats and methods to create the blog and have come to a pattern where I think people are interested in reading. But, when I was putting together the “Security Architect in a Box”, it became clear to me that people wanted information but weren’t overly interested in paying for a subscription service to gain access to my templates. So, what to do with all knowledge that I had gleaned over the years, matched with a relatively high readership of my blogs, combined with a readership that was looking for very low cost source of information?

Well, that’s where I came up with EA Media. EA Media is meant to deliver on Architecture information for all architecture domains. Now, I come from the Security Architecture domain so I decided to start with providing information about Security. I didn’t want to let perfection get in the way of good hence why the initial focus is on Security.

EA Media consists of 5 mediums; the Website, the EA Media Facebook page, EA Media Twitter account, EA Media Instagram, and EA Media LinkedIn. A EA Media YouTube Channel has been created but no videos have been posted yet. Soon, I will publish an online EA Magazine (coming soon) but the online media is for up to the moment information whereas the EA Magazine will be for more indepth information (in PDF form).

The primary source of information will be the website which will push information out to the other mediums. Included in the mediums are:

  • The Blog postings
  • Security News feeds from various sources for up to the minute Security news
  • Technology News feeds from various sources for up to the minute Technology news
  • The RSS feed from the NIST National Vulnerability Database newsfeed for up to the minute announcements of new vulnerabilities
  • Jobs associated with the domains being covered pulled from
  • Videos and PodCasts (shortly)
  • Whitepapers (shortly)

The sources of the information will grow and improve as time goes on. Again, I’m trying to make sure that Perfection doesn’t get in the way of Good.

The initial focus (for the next month or so) will be on Security so most of what you are going to see there has a Security focus. But that will change as I add additional domains to the site. The information in the site is free to all Users, so feel free to make use of it and tell anyone you want.


If you would like to write a blog or provide content and have it included as part of EA Media, please reach out to me at  . Your blog will reach a current following of roughly 20000 LinkedIn followers as well as go out to the different mediums that I listed above. Just let me know what you would like to write about and what specific Architecture domain, and then we can talk.


I would like to include Whitepapers through the site. So, if you have a Whitepaper that you would like to make available, please reach out to me at and provide me a copy of the Whitepaper. If it is approved, I will add it to the website and push out an announcement about it.

Hopefully, this media company will provide information that helps you. Please let me know if you would like to see additional information or content included. 

Thanks and I hope this helps…


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